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Notting Hill

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The British comedy from director Roger Michell tells the love story between a famous actress and a simple book seller from London. A look into the attempt for famous people to have a personal and private life and the ramifications that follow. Nominated for three Golden Globes in 2000.

Title : Notting Hill

Year : 1999

Runtime : 124

Release Dates: 1999-05-13

Actors :

Julia RobertsasAnna Scott
Hugh GrantasWilliam Thacker
Gina McKeeasBella
Tim McInnernyasMax
Rhys IfansasSpike
Emma ChambersasHoney
Hugh BonnevilleasBernie
Richard McCabeasTony
James DreyfusasMartin
Dylan MoranasRufus the Thief
Roger FrostasAnnoying Customer
Henry GoodmanasRitz Concierge
Julian Rhind-Tuttas'Time Out' Journalist
Lorelei KingasAnna's Publicist
Alec BaldwinasJeff King
John ShrapnelasPR Chief

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