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Doctor Zhivago

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Doctor Zhivago is the filmed adapation of the Russian novel by Boris Pasternak from director David Lean that was an international success and today deemed a classic. Omar Sharif and Julie Christie play two protagonists who in fact love each other yet because of their current situation cannot find a way be together.

Title : Doctor Zhivago

Year : 1965

Runtime : 197

Release Dates: 1965-12-22

Actors :

Omar SharifasDr. Yuri Zhivago
Julie ChristieasLara Antipova
Geraldine ChaplinasTonya Gromeko
Rod SteigerasViktor Komarovsky
Alec GuinnessasGen. Yevgraf Zhivago
Tom CourtenayasPasha
Siobhán McKennaasAnna
Ralph RichardsonasAlexander Gromeko
Gérard TichyasLiberius
Noel WillmanasRazin, Liberius' Lieutenant
Jack MacGowranasPetya
Mark EdenasEngineer at dam
Erik ChittyasSergei
Klaus KinskiasKostoyed Amourski

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